Milford Sound Tours – Options & Prices

Milford Sound Tours

A Milford Sound tour by cruise boat is something you have to do to get close up to the areas famous waterfalls!

As an area of true natural beauty, Milford Sound attracts thousands of visitors each year. Despite finding popularity amongst tourists as early as the beginning of the 20th century, it has still manage to retain much of its charm, and sees plenty of investment in terms of nature conservation. It is thanks to this that Milford Sound tours are still high on the to-do list of those visiting the area, and it certainly helps to know what your options are before setting off.

What Milford Sound Tours are Available?

You have a couple of options when it comes to Milford Sound tours. First, you need to determine how you’ll get there. Road, plane and helicopter travel give you the opportunity to soak in everything the area has to offer, with driving presenting the opportunity to explore other areas of natural beauty along the State Highway 94.

After deciding how you’ll reach Milford Sound, you need to decide how you’ll tour it. There are no hard and fast rules here, but many choose to book a pre-planned tour as it helps them see as much of the area as possible, with the assistance of a tour guide who is familiar with the area.

Purpose built boating vessels are widely available to those who’d rather see Milford Sound from the water. Usually, these day cruises last around 90-120 minutes, which provides ample time to explore the scenery and observe the creatures that live there.

Naturally, there is also the option of exploring Milford Sound by foot. Tours are available in this format too, although if you have an adventurous side you may relish the thrills that come with wandering through the trees and exploring the lush vegetation yourself.

What is there to see at Milford Sound?

Everyone who visits Milford Sound has the opportunity to marvel at the backdrop that is Pembroke Glacier and Mitre Peak. Some tour operators flying into the area even land on the glaciers during good weather, giving you lots of opportunities to take stunning photographs.

Mitre Peak Milford SoundGlaciers aside, you also have the chance to witness the rock formations, which have been carved gradually over thousands of years by waterfalls. While there are times when these waterfalls don’t flow too freely, the winter period sees them gush along the side of the rocks. During periods of high wind it’s often difficult to avoid their spray, although you will see them blow in the opposite direction, which is quite a sight to behold.

Not to be ignored are the many creatures that populate the area, including the odd appearance from a dolphin darting near the cruise tours. Seals are also a common feature, along with rare forms of penguins and an abundance of fish. For those who choose to step away from the vessel and into the water, there are 150 species of fish, which populate this marine reserve.

How much does touring Milford Sound cost?

Despite being endlessly beautiful and an area of the world many would love to visit, Milford Sound is one of those places you can see on a budget. Choosing to descend on the area from the air naturally costs more than heading there via the roads. Choosing not to book a tour means you incur costs in the form of petrol and food only, whereas opting for a tour with a coach can cost around $144 per person, with cruise prices per person are from around $65.

Thanks to the low costs and the diverse environment, Milford Sound is one of the few places on earth you can venture to time and time again, without getting bored.

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